PLanned maintenance

Our innovative approach to planned maintenance programmes means our clients benefit from effective whole life cost solutions with improved maintenance cycles and budgetary control.


Every year, we refurbish more than 2,000 homes to help our clients improve home standards etc and meet the industry’s highest standards. Our innovation-driven processes ensure we do this on time, on budget and exceed customer and client expectations, every time.

DWProject, our work IT management system, provides full visibility to our clients, helping to inform long-term planned and cyclical programmes. We work closely with our clients to maximise their investment and extend the lifecycle of their assets.

Interfaces with the field and our suppliers mean our clients have real-time information on surveys, property details, resident details, work progress, health and safety inspections and customer satisfaction. This real-time view allows for informed and swift decision-making. IT integration with our clients’ systems allows for paperless and efficient handovers. 360° photos allows improves client asset management information.


We ensure high customer satisfaction by tailoring our services to customers’ needs with bespoke training for our operational team and manage customers’ expectations throughout the programme, providing up-to-date information and assurance that we will deliver works safely and with minimal disruption.

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