We have just received our End of Year management accounts. We delivered more units than we originally programmed for and came in under budget.


Contract Administrator

A2 Dominion London

Complete Internal and external decorations with repairs and replacements of roofs, rainwater goods, fences and groundwork, window and door replacements and asbestos removal works

CONTRACT 1 VALUE: £28 million, 4 years

CONTRACT 1 LOCATION: London, Bromley, Staines, Winchester, Bristol, Oxfordshire, Berkshire

CONTRACT 2 VALUE: £2.6 million (2 year value), 4 years



  • 97% Customer satisfaction
  • 100% Defect-free handover
  • 5% Cost predictability
  • 100% Health and safety KPI
  • 100% Partnering process satisfaction
  • Delivered ahead of programme

Cyclical Redecoration

Through our 18-year relationship with A2Dominion we have developed a fully integrated, collaborative partnership built on our proven performance and shared systems and best practice.

Understanding the requirements of our client and their key stakeholders has been key to the way in which we have tailored our processes and work activities to ensure that programmes have been delivered over and above the expectation of A2Dominion.

The development and sharing of DWSS IT solution was instrumental in our collaborative approach, which can be demonstrated by the integration of our Work Management Systems and our track record of partnering to develop effective technologies and innovations to solve problems and become more effective.

We used drones for survey work in dangerous or hard-to-reach locations, particularly inspection of roofs. This reduced survey cost such as scaffolding, shortened timescales for gaining access, minimised disruption and lowered the risk of completing survey activities.

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