We complete comprehensive resident profiling each year to reflect individual needs in specifications, and work closely with occupational therapists, carers, estate management teams, and sheltered housing scheme managers to ensure full engagement and consultation.


VALUE: £3 million

LOCATION: South Oxfordshire

DURATION: 5 years

Bathroom replacements, disabled adaptaions and ad hoc voids


  • Satisfaction with finished work: 99%
  • Satisfaction with service: 99%
  • Operatives polite and helpful: 99%
  • Property left neat and tidy: 98%

bathroom replacement works

The annual programme covers a very dispersed stock – up to 45 minutes travel between properties and often one property on a road or an estate. We have a central hub with site setup and welfare and all teams work from this central point. All properties are heat mapped and the programme is organised as efficiently and effectively as possible. We use a mix of DLO and subcontracting to manage outliers and ad hoc works effectively to meet programme timescales.

We take lessons learnt each year in delivering multiple activities across the dispersed geography to inform the next year’s programme design and work sequencing. We have continuously built increased information on the client’s properties by expanding the scope of our surveys and proactively capturing the changing needs of customers every time we engage with them.

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