Housing Group


The key success ingredients in our view, has been the excellent relationship developed through trust, understanding and our joint commitment to customer excellence.


Stuart Clark
Contracts Manager, SHG

Southern housing group

VALUE: £23 million

LOCATION: Isle of Wight

DURATION: 10 years

Responsive repairs and empty homes refurbishment


  • Appointments made and kept: 98%
  • Calls completed at first visit: 89%
  • Voids TAT: 7 days
  • Resident satisfaction: 98%


DW Support Services is providing responsive repairs and bringing void properties up to standard for Southern Housing Group on the Isle of Wight.

Industry-leading customer services was delivered through team work, a collaborative culture of putting customer needs first and targeting continuous improvement. By revisiting the basics, we worked with our Client to establish team goals and set targets, all of which have resulted in excellent customer satisfaction performance including zero complaints across 10,000 repairs in the first year.

A focus on data allowed both teams to understand performance and identify areas of improvement, leading to improved asset knowledge. A consistent workforce provided insights into property conditions and improving customer confidence in the service. As
a result end-to-end repair times were significantly reduced. Voids were also turned around faster, resulting in less consequential rent loss. Improved communication has closed the gap between expectation and reality, resulting in a shared response to customer concerns.

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