I would like to express my appreciation for the excellent work carried out by your team on my adapted bathroom. I am delighted with the finished product. Thank you again for a very positive experience and excellent outcome.


S Kershaw

southern housing

VALUE: £30 million

LOCATION: London, Hampshire, Surrey, East Sussex, West Sussex, Isle of Wight

DURATION: 10 years

Planned refurbishment including replacement of kitchens, bathrooms, windows, doors, roofing, M&E installations, electrical and gas heating components.

(last quarter)

  • Resident satisfaction: 100%
  • Satisfaction with quality: 100%
  • Defect-free handover: 100%
  • Delivery to programme: 100%

Planned maintenance contract

Our planned maintenance contract with Southern Housing Group (SHG) demonstrates our agility and the ability to adapt our processes quickly to provide excellent outcomes for our Client.

At SHG’s request, we successfully condensed mobilisation from 25 to 12 weeks. We integrated our IT systems, completed surveys and works to more than 500 properties in just over 3 months, meeting the original deadline and condensed annual programme into six months, and exceeding all KPIs.

We established the Strategic Alliance Group with representation from a senior member of each of the Alliance organisations. DW Operations Director, represented us in the mobilisation of the Alliance – working closely with SHG and senior leaders in each organisation to create a single unified body.

We integrated photo and video capture from field worker tablets into our works system and in turn to SHG’s systems – these increased data capture fields for broader resident and stock information.

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