Planned maintenance

We apply a professional and skilled approach to improvement and modernisation projects, whether it be kitchen and bathroom replacements, the installation of new heating systems, rewiring or the fitting of new windows and doors.

Our team specialises in working in occupied environments, and our customer liaison officers are on-hand to support residents and building occupants, ensuring that our work is conducted in a timely, efficient manner with disruption kept to a minimum.

Colour and design choices for communal areas and individual properties are selected in conjunction with the contract’s resident liaison officer, who is the first point of contact to respond to any queries or concerns.

Aids and adaptations

Our customers’ needs are central to our delivery, therefore, we ensure that each and every one of them has the correct work carried out in their property, and in a way that suits their needs.

We offer a range of adaptations to support independent living, including low-level kitchen units, grab rails to kitchens and bathrooms and wet rooms with level-access shower facilities.

We regularly work closely with occupational therapists and carers to ensure we capture all the requirements a resident may have, and our flexible approach aims to cause as little disruption as possible.

Cyclical programmes

We understand the importance of providing the right product for the right environment, as it can make a big difference to the longevity of the building, as well as impacting on the health and wellbeing of the people living within them.

Through our dedicated painting and decorating team, we offer comprehensive, traditional painting and decorating work for exteriors and interiors. We also offer a wide range of specialist coatings that can enhance a property’s cleanliness and fire safety, for example, anti-graffiti, flame retardant and intumescent, along with mould and fungicidal inhibiting coatings.

Skilled and reliable tradesmen specialising in the required fields are selected in accordance with the client’s specification to deliver a first-rate product.

The projects we undertake range from capital works to long-term partnering programmes, where clients benefit from effective whole-life cost solutions with reduced maintenance cycles and improved budgetary control.

Responsive repairs and voids

Right first time completion has been a core strength for us – we consistently complete over 90% of our repairs right first time.

Our team of planners in the call centre manage our day-to-day responsive repair contracts. Specially trained in call handling and customer care, our planners diagnose the repair accurately and through our dynamic field service management solution, Oneserve, they are able to allocate an operative efficiently and promptly.

Our dedicated, multi-skilled and fully qualified team is armed with state-of-the-art mobile technology which captures real-time information, enabling us to guarantee a 24/7, 365 days-a-year service for response and emergency repairs.

Our repairs and voids refurbishment procedures are designed to maximise rental income, eliminate wasteful processes and are carried out on a collaborative platform – bringing our frontline team and supplier chain partners together to drive excellent customer experience and field service management efficiencies.

Building refurbishment

We have delivered hundreds of refurbishment projects to schools, universities, care homes, public buildings and private properties for more than 30 years. Our works have included fit-outs, extensions, alteration, adaptations, renovations, dilapidations, energy saving solutions and new build defects snagging.

Every project we deliver is approached in the same way: with a determination to fulfil our clients’ expectations. We do this by:

  • Working together with our client and providing flexibility to accommodate their needs.
  • Providing value for money – calling on the wider expertise and experience of our team and our partners to deliver the added value that sets us apart from our competitors.
  • Investing in the highest standards of health and safety, ensuring our employees are highly trained, the working environment is secure and building users are kept safe.
  • Always ensuring we provide quality throughout our service offering, delivering the right solution on time.